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Whether you need a basic background check or complex background investigations, American Background Profiles is here to help you. With more than 50 years of experience in the private detective industry, we have helped thousands of clients. American Background Profiles offers background checks on individuals and companies, in-depth criminal background investigations, and people-finding. Based in Pennsylvania, American Background Profiles helps clients across the country. Our private investigators understand privacy and offer the strictest confidentiality. Call American Background Profiles at (484) 761-8048 or message us online for a confidential consultation or quote for professional investigative services.

Various Background Checks Available

Our private investigative team can find out any information you need to know from basic to complex.

Three Levels of Investigations

American Background Profiles offers various levels of investigation depending on how much information is needed.

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American Background Profiles Works for You

As a division of the American Detective Agency, our private investigators have more than five decades of experience helping people. From finding missing people to company background checks, our private investigators find out anything you need. We offer three levels of investigation, based on how in-depth you need us to go. If you need any of the following services, contact American Background Profiles today:
  • Background Investigations
  • Companies/Organizations
  • Individual Background Investigation
  • Personal Background Investigations
  • Company Background Investigation
  • Corporate Background Checks and Consumer Investigations
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Professional Investigative Services
  • Employment Background Check Company
  • Internet Online Scams

Private Investigators Offer Basic and In-depth Investigations

Level One Investigation

Level one investigations include a basic search of a person or company. Depending on what is discovered in the completed search, our private investigators provide their recommendations. This could be next actions for the client, who to contact, or recommendations for further investigation.

Level Two Investigation

A level two investigation includes everything that our private investigators would complete during a level one investigation. Before returning to the client with recommendations, our private investigators will take the next step and provide interviews with needed individuals. These interviews could be with the direct target of the background check, as well as people associated with them.

Level Three Investigation

If a client wants to know everything possible about a particular person or company, our staff offers a level three investigation. In this category, we leave no stone unturned. We look into personal history, as well as criminal background, offer business due diligence reports, and optional surveillance. If a level three investigation obtains any derogatory information that the client deems necessary to provide protective services, this can be executed.

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